It Came from a Podcast

It Came from a Podcast (ICFPC) is a weekly podcast I host with my friend and co-host, Ricky Cassvan. ICFPC is "where we curate pop culture for your inner geek." For this brand, I wanted to reference the awesome pods in Invasion of the Body Snatchers but modernize and simplify it. Think of it as the brands inside joke of sorts. The logo really took shape as I explored the pod itself and how to express the idea of audio/casting. I wanted to subtly reference the movie but also create a logo that can stand on its own. I played with a lot of 50's radio broadcasting imagery. I came up with some interesting color palettes but ultimately picked one I felt was the perfect balance between modern and classic. The logo concepts really evolved over time until I found a finished product and a look I am really happy with. 
I also created a badge design for us because badges are insanely awesome. It's true.