It Came From A Game

Roles: Creative Director, Designer, Animator, Personality, Voice Artist
Categories: Branding & Identity, Direction, Project Management, Content Creation, Video Production, Photography

With my background in broadcast graphics, I decided to dive into the world of game streaming. The creative side shares a lot in common these days with what you see in traditional broadcast elements (L3's, Bugs, Animations, etc.) and with my work in eSports this was a natural fit. 

The channel would eventually feature many horror games so our logo had to easily represent that. We took inspiration from classic horror film posters and began sketching out ideas for our icon. The imagery needed to be iconic and easily recognizable so we loved the idea a severed arm reaching out and grabbing a controller. That being our first solid concept, we played with a few others such as a grave stone, weapons, aliens, etc. but in the end, we went back to the arm. As for the controller, originally we had a joystick but felt that gave it too much of a retro feel and all the games on the channel we're current and new so we went with a generic look.
As for the type, we wanted that 50's cinematic horror look which we utilized on It Came From A Box. We laid out the type in multiple ways and finalized it with an exaggerated perspective.
Initially our color palette consisted of dark and gritty colors but we decided to go with brighter pastels instead due to the fun aspect of gaming. The arm went from a normal severed limb to that of a zombie's after we introduced color. At first it went from that of a grey-ish blue but was then changed to green because of it's energetic characteristics. The copy needed to be very loud and we tried a number of bright colors but ended up using pink due to how well it complimented the green arm.