It Came From A Box

I finally started a YouTube channel about the geeky things I love and so of course I ended up creating all the branding for it!

The idea of the name comes from those old 40-50's cheesy sci-fi flicks which I adore so much and for the logo I really wanted to keep that style of typography which so many of them had. Then the next goal was to create icon which could be used as a mascot as well. So whenever I have a chance like this, I really push the design process by taking it one step at a time, asking the right questions, and slowly letting whatever I create guide me and allow it to take it's own shape. I drew up some quick concepts and then digitized them and was able to render out a really fun monster (by the way, I adore monsters and constantly draw them) which I then colorized with these very loud and bright yellows and greens. On YouTube you really need to stand out and that means you need something that really pops off of an already flooded page. A majority of videos will be found through a small thumbnail and that thumbnail should be able to grab the attention of a potential viewer and stand out from the competition. As I finished, I ended up with a strong icon that suited the logo really well for the direction I was aiming for. After the logo and overall design was set, I then created a full broadcast package with templates for everything ranging from lower thirds, to fullscreen graphics and animations, and everything in between to suit a number of situations I would come across. 
This project is a constant work in progress. I'm seeing what works, what doesn't and planning for future additions which I can create for the channel.