Beyond the Summit

Roles: Creative Director, Designer, Animator.
Categories: Branding & Identity, Direction, Project Management, Motion Graphics, Broadcast Graphics, Visual Effects.

As a massive e-sports fan, I had the opportunity to work with the friendly guys over at Beyond The Summit and help them with the direction on their brand.

One of the first things I tackled was their logo. Originally they only had a png to work with so I took that into Illustrator and was able to refine their logo into a vector which they could use online and for print without worrying about the size. At the same time we explored a few concepts which they could possibly rebrand themselves with while still utilizing their iconic 3 mountains. In the end we stuck with the original logo because we believed it was an icon that was already established in the minds of their audience.
After the logo was updated, I then moved on to UI/UX for their website. The main focus had to be about their streaming and upcoming events. With a tight deadline, I ended up giving them a wireframe along with a few mockups which had some very unique and fun options. Sadly we lost our web developer right around the first round of changes so the website was put on hold.

The DOTA 2 Alienware Cup was up next and we had to create an entire graphics package for the event. This would be a big way for BTS to reveal their new look to a massive audience. I worked very closely with an Alienware representative to make sure that the Alienware and Master Card brand were used correctly and negotiated to make sure the same occurred with that of BTS. We created a number of graphics and animations which we used along with their Caspar operator who would be plugging in all the information to my designs. During my time with the Caspar operator we created a workflow which streamlined the process in which I would deliver my renders so he could quickly and efficiently convert them to the Caspar. Project management played a vital role in making that deadline and I created a Trello board which helped us keep organized as well a project pipeline on Dropbox and Google Drive. The tournament went amazingly well and all the designs turned out great, it truly added so much to the viewing experience.

After the dust settled from the Alienware Cup, we moved on to working on a general broadcast package which BTS could utilize when they weren't casting a major tournament which already had graphics. At first, we explored creating every element in 3D using Cinema 4D such as that which you're accustomed to seeing on ESPN or SportsCenter. After a number of tests we decided to keep the overall look simple and clean. Our reasoning behind it was not only to keep files small but also allow for the client to make changes themselves by utilizing Photoshop and Illustrator especially since they had no experience working with 3D software.

Everything we created was animated. I fought for that because even a slight detail such as a flare moving across a title bar would add so much more than a still image every could. We had to use a number of workarounds to utilize the renders in Caspar such as individual renders of elements with alpha which the operator would then layer together and could time differently for multiple situations such as with the lower third.

The final piece of their broadcast package was the intro animation which we would use parts of to create transitions and bumpers from. I worked on it alone and had a deadline of a week to put together. It was extremely necessary to portray high energy from highlights of their streams. What I came up with was a video tunnel with 3D elements rotating around to portray that the viewer was "tuning in" to watch.  This kept renders quick and then using a workaround in After Effects, I was able to create an entire tunnel of footage which was immensely  render heavy but definitely worth it.